¡AXOLOTL! The Earth Guardian Inspirational Art Car Mobile Concert Stage


– A La Calaca Village Project –

Inspiration & Symbolism

In August of 2018 at Burning Man, a dedicated team of makers — supported by growing international community — unveiled an improved “¡AXOLOTL!: The Earth Guardian”, to become one of the most awe-inspiring mobile concert stages ever built.

Taking its name and inspiration from an extraordinary and critically endangered amphibian unique to the dwindling and polluted wetlands of Mexico City — which is now revolutionizing medicine by unlocking the genetic secrets of regeneration — ¡AXOLOTL! is both a dramatic platform for live performance and a powerful symbol of ecological regeneration and the connection between all living things.




¡AXOLOTL! is a 15.5 meter (50’) art-vehicle and performance-stage featuring a concert-quality sound system and state-of-the-art light and flame effects, creating a unique platform for live performance of all kinds.

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The expansive community that has given birth to ¡AXOLOTL! unites friends and collaborators of diverse talents and backgrounds from across North America and beyond.


¡AXOLOTL! is seeking support and collaboration

is seeking support and collaboration

And is available for performances and events at Burning Man and beyond.

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Artists & Musicians of the ¡AXOLOTL!

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The ¡AXOLOTL! as a roaming concert stage, has hosted an eclectic variety of live acts, DJs and musicians. From Sol Selekta’s Sabo to folk-singer Jurgis Did, hear some of the ¡AXOLOTL!’s musical artists below:
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The Earth Guardian

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The powerful symbolism of ¡AXOLOTL! is central to its vision. Its name and inspiration derives from a unique and critically endangered amphibian found only in Mexico City’s Lake Xochimilco — the diminished and polluted remnant of a once-great wetland basin where the Aztecs built their ‘floating” capital city Tenochtitlan. Renowned for their rarity, peculiar morphology, and virtually unparalleled regenerative powers, axolotls are not only true amphibians, breathing both water and air through their unique external gill stalks, but also remain in a larval stage throughout their whole lives, making them capable of regenerating any part of their body at any time. In fact, the DNA of this rare and unique creature — which was almost driven to extinction by humanity — are now revolutionizing human medicine by unlocking the secrets of regeneration hidden within stem cells.

It is this amazing story that provides the inspiration for ¡AXOLOTL!, a mobile, multi-sensory art installation that symbolizes the preciousness, resilience and inter-contentedness of life — as well as a monumental reminder of humanity’s responsibility to environmental stewardship and the power of regeneration.

For more information on the amazing axolotl:


¡AXOLOTL! is a 15.5 meter (50’) art-vehicle and performance-stage featuring a concert-quality sound system and state-of-the-art light and flame effects. It is designed to be able to transport all of its art on itself and a trailer which it pulls — making the entire vehicle a self-contained and transportable unit.

  • Capacity: 90 persons total. 60 persons on the open-air bi-level performance stage and viewing platforms located on the Axolotl’s ‘back’, and an additional 30 persons inside the Axolotl’s luxurious interior ‘lounge’ area.
  • Base vehicle : Street-legal 1993 Blue Bird school in excellent condition with a Cummins diesel engine (180k miles).
  • Modifications: The base vehicle has been outfitted with a permanent street-legal galvanized steel U-strut exoskeleton that carries all major art and AV components, as well as rear- and roodeck- platforms connected by twin access ladders.
  • Modular components: Attached to the exoskeleton are a fabricated steel tail, a 16” tall raised ‘howdah’ pavilion, eight steel gill stalks, PA Speakers, illumination, pyrotechnics and 130+ CNC-cut interlocking wood planes that form the creatures head and torso.
  • Generator: AC power for the A/V system is provided by a 25kw diesel generator decorated as a ‘trajinera’, the brightly colored traditional boats of lake Xochimilco

¡AXOLOTL! is a 15.5 meter (50’) art-vehicle and performance-stage featuring a concert-quality sound system and state-of-the-art light and flame effects. Its bi-level stage covers nearly 40m2 (420ft2) and is outfitted with a professional caliber front-of-house and back-line set up, creating the possibility for a wide range of live performance.

  • Main PA: Axolotl features a 20,000 watt professional sound system on its drivers side: two Crown XLS 5000 Amplifiers, two Crown XLS 802 Amplifiers and one Crown XLS 202 amplifier. Speakers include four Vintage Altec Dual Mid bass, two 15″ speakers, four vintage Altec 511 horns and two JBL SRX728S subs. This system is sufficient for up to 1000 people, though supplemental powered speakers can easily double that number.
  • Deck PA / Stage Monitors: A second on-board PA system is located on the “back” of the Axolotl serving as stage ‘monitor’ and on-board audio. It consists of and four powered 12” QSC speakers, and two powered 15” JBL subs.
  • Backline: 24-channel console, microphones, Drum kit, Bass and guitar amps.
  • Illumination: The DMX-controlled illumination system consists of over 150 LED lights and spotlights.
  • Pyrotechnics: The pyrotechnic system consists of seven large flamethrowers (gills & tail) controlled from a station located behind the head on the main deck.


The expansive community that has given birth to ¡AXOLOTL! unites friends and collaborators of diverse talents and backgrounds from across North America and beyond.

The ¡AXOLOTL!’s original concept was created by Elias Cattan, a renowned architect and champion of Mexico City’s endangered wetlands, in collaboration with French designer Ludovic Celle, an expert in 3D illustration, with a penchant for Meso-American archeology. The pair knew it would take a whole village of makers and creators to fabricate this design. Fortunately for them, they already had one.

La Calaca is a village of camps at Burning Man associated with the non-profit festival held in San Miguel de Allende of the same name. Despite being named after a participatory arts festival devoted to the themes of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, the villagers come from all over the U.S, as well as internationally, and from occupations just as diverse as their homes. This is what makes La Calaca the perfect team to provide the various skills needed to produce the amphibious art car.

From artists to engineers, fabricators to A/V technicians, event producers to pyrotechnicians, it takes a large team and a lot of volunteers to build the Axolotl. Although the team is growing and changing every year there are still the core team members we couldn’t live without.


¡AXOLOTL! is a 15.5 meter (50’) art-vehicle and performance-stage featuring a concert-quality sound system and state-of-the-art light and flame effects. It is currently seeking artists, musicians, DJs and events that are interested in collaboration on live events of all kinds — at Burning Man and beyond.

¡AXOLOTL!’s next anticipated appearance, at Burning Man in August of 2019, will see the colossal amphibian roaming the open Playa by day and by night, providing the citizens of Black Rock City with transportation, tours, and commanding views. ¡AXOLOTL!s other main function will be as an illuminated soundstage for performances and parties, often conducted in collaboration with major art installations. In the past, the ¡AXOLOTL! team’s art cars have provided concert-quality audio for Honorarium Installations including: The Digital Dalang (2018), The Tree of Téneré (2017), Pyramid of the Dead (2017), TEDxBRC (2016), ‘Pixle Forest’ (2014 & 2015), Charcade (2013), and PyroPodium (2012).

Brigham Golden


Every year, ¡AXOLOTL! Is realized only through the generous support of volunteer and patrons — and every year significant improvements are made. In 2019, the ¡AXOLOTL! Team is adding two new PA subwoofers, additional backline equipment, and a dramatic new projection-based lighting installation.

To fully realize this majestic, collaborative, volunteer project, ¡AXOLOTL! needs an infusion of funds and human resources. We are seeking your support be with $ funding and/or artistic and construction skills.

Jim Reynolds

Bring the ¡Axolotl! back to BRC 2023!

¡AXOLOTL! – the renowned and beloved Art Car, is preparing its return to Burning Man in 2023 – bigger, better, and with a deeper commitment to our vision of inclusion, creativity and ecological regeneration – including donations to save the last remaining wild axolotl in Mexico – BUT WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION & SUPPORT!