The powerful symbolism of ¡AXOLOTL! is central to its vision. Its name and inspiration derives from a unique and critically endangered amphibian found only in Mexico City’s Lake Xochimilco — the diminished and polluted remnant of a once-great wetland basin where the Aztecs built their ‘floating” capital city Tenochtitlan. Renowned for their rarity, peculiar morphology, and virtually unparalleled regenerative powers, axolotls are not only true amphibians, breathing both water and air through their unique external gill stalks, but also remain in a larval stage throughout their whole lives, making them capable of regenerating any part of their body at any time. In fact, the DNA of this rare and unique creature — which was almost driven to extinction by humanity — are now revolutionizing human medicine by unlocking the secrets of regeneration hidden within stem cells.

It is this amazing story that provides the inspiration for ¡AXOLOTL!, a mobile, multi-sensory art installation that symbolizes the preciousness, resilience and inter-contentedness of life — as well as a monumental reminder of humanity’s responsibility to environmental stewardship and the power of regeneration.

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